Pre-Flight Briefing 4: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

It’s been about six months since I’ve checked in. During this time I’ve ran for political office and attempted to go a different earnings direction. I didn’t get elected to my state’s House of Representatives and my “different direction” didn’t pan out. I won’t go into much details about either but can say I’m less focused on entrepreneurialism than I’ve been for the last two years.

I deleted the business podcasts that I used to listen to religiously. I couldn’t stand their hype anymore. I’ve even looked for employment, but no one will hire me. My different direction involved returning to active duty, but President Obama’s gutted our military so much that we’re more of a paper tiger than the force we used to be. He’s hollowed out the military so much that there’s no money for the work I do, despite it being a shortage in the military. They need my skills but cannot afford to pay me.

During this period, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have become the nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. Trump sounds like the guy we need and Clinton sounds like the same thing we had the last (almost) eight years. Neither candidate is my first choice. But regardless, what we need is someone who will let business out of its progressive box – both in terms of regulations and in taxes. American’s economy needs to be let out of it’s cage and businesses needs to be unshackled from the contorted mess the politicians have primped and prodded it into. If they keep it up, more businesses and jobs will go elsewhere.

America needs to be the best place to innovate, invent, manufacture, and grow a business in. Without this ability, we’ll be just some socialist, slow growth, has-been nation. If Trump or Clinton can let the free market out of its cage, we could be the low tax, low regulation, and fully-employed example to the world – like we used to be. Want a “living wage”? Let’s stop with the regulations and allow America to be the go-to place for business. Wages will climb as American workers become more valuable – but only if America is the most valuable place to do businesses.

I could say more, but my intent was to just check in. I have a different direction coming and I’ll report back in a month or so.


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