Pre-Flight Briefing 3: Sick of working on the same thing. Waiting for new microphone.

I’ve been working on my information product and waiting on a few items from Amazon. The information product production is becoming a chore. Have  you ever worked on something so long that you’re sick of looking at it? That’s how I’d describe the course I’m working on, now. But, like what Dennis Waitley taught me three decades ago, those that can do what needs to be done instead of what want they want to do (poor paraphrase) are successful. At any rate, once I get started it gets a lot eaier.

I’m waiting on my new hands-free Audix HT2P wired headset vocal condenser microphone before I redo my intro video and start the “and that’s the rest of the story” for sale by owner real estate minutes I’ll put on iTunes and other distribution networks. The microphone will replace the poor quality microphones I currently have. This will make recording a lot easier because the current microphones make recordings dirty and difficult to clean up.

On Wednesday I’ll be traveling to Kennewick, Washington, to spend time with some friends. I’ll work during the day – generally at Starbucks – and spend some time with them in the evening. I look forward to getting out of town.


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