Pre-Flight Briefing 1: Feeling Down After My Disappointing Validation and FB Suspension.

The entrepreneurial life can be a little disheartening. I am a bit lost to what to do next. In fact, I’m feeling quite down. My hopes were so high and now I really don’t know what to do next. The aftermath has me sleeping in and eating icecream… as I try to decide what to do next. I haven’t felt this down in a long time. I’ll get out of my funk soon, but for now, blah!

Get this, I was also suspended from advertising on Facebook (FB). They notified me a week or 10 days after my last ad ran. So very odd. A short time after the news, I listened to Amy Porterfield’s Marketing Made Easy podcast where she was talking about the exact same thing. Some of here Webinar students were getting their FB account suspended. She explained that FB is trying to control the user experience not only inside but outside their channel.

I read through their policy. If you use FB, this is essential. Go back and re-read their policy to prevent an arbitrary suspension. I suspect that you may be in violation of their policy – especially if you are following some marketing “experts” out there.

Amy and her guest Rick Mulready enlightened me more than the FB policy page actually said. She and Rick have been working with FB on reversing the suspension with some of their clients.  Check out Amy’s Podcast, #82: How to Protect Your Facebook Ads Account. She has a download that is helpful as well.

My main problem was using the triangle image for a picture that opened up to a page where my video immediately started. Did you know FB considers this two violations? Your video should not auto start and no image should have the video triangle self-imposed on it. My mistake was listening to other podcast guests and bloggers who suggest I do exactly that.

Pop ups are a no-no, as well. If a FB user comes to your site, you should not have any pop ups on that landing page. I don’t like pop ups, but was experimenting with them because I was following the advice of “experts.”

I wrote FB a letter explaining my situation and asked to be reinstated. I’ll let you know what happens. To be frank, I’m am actually happy about the suspension because I don’t like pop up and I agree with their standards. I just wish they’d tell me what I did wrong. In “big brother” fashion, they just suspended me and let me flop in the wind trying to understand what I did wrong.


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