Journal 14 – Validation: We’re Climbing Above the Turbulence!

I’m putting together an information product and according to the “experts” and my online book (guide), I need to validate. I’ve taken shortcuts in the past and thought I knew what I needed to know.  Experience has show me that my “validation” wasn’t sufficient or effective. I took the easy path and listened to knuckleheads (see Journal 12) and jumped into markets that had little demand.  Or to be fair, markets that didn’t need or want what I was providing.  I really hope the validation shows potential, but time will tell if it will or not.

So, I’ve committed to validating my latest project.  It hasn’t been easy.  Being too picky or a perfectionist may have delayed the project, but, technology and learning new things takes a lot of time.

I can see why I was dragging my feet before I got started.  This process has been a lot of work.  

My Landing Page and Email List Provider

Nearly all the experts suggested LeadPages as the landing page for Facebook or Google Ads.  The landing page should look professional and have the “ingredients” to convert viewers. Converting means leaving a email because the viewer sees value in my information product.

I think linearly, so I started from the top:  the landing page.  In the previous journal entry I briefly mentioned Thrive Pages.  I chose this instead of LeadPages because it was significantly less expensive than the LeadPages’ membership.  Thrive Pages is $147 per year and for similar capabilities LeadPages is $40 per month (annual plan) or $480 per year.

Installing Thrive Pages was not without its problems.  My security settings prevented it from working properly.  My security application restricts folders, so Thrive Pages could not find the right things.  Instead of messing with it, I reinstalled WordPress and it worked as advertised.  Thrive Pages provides nice templates and the ability to position content – somethings hard to do in the generic WordPress editor.

Once I put together the landing pages, I enrolled in MailChimp and researched a more robust system for later.  I chose Active Campaign over the very expensive InfusionSoft.  It has the If-Then-Else pathways I want, which t will allow me to segment and target users to more easily satisfy users’ needs, once I get to that level.  Once I got those items completed, I began working on video content.  Wow!  I had no idea how much work that was going to be! 

Freemieum Development

First, I had to put together an appealing Freemieum.  Amy Porterfield said she uses a lot of slides, so I went about making the video with lots of pages and animation.  This helps keep the viewer engaged and encourages them to finish the video.  This took a lot of time to put together. 

I am using Microsoft PowerPoint as my screen or desktop.  I’m using it to explain concepts and show “how tos.”  I’ve used this application for decades, but have not used the animation function very extensively.  It’s pretty powerful and makes pages quite active.  I really like it.  Once I completed the content, I began working on the audio portion.  So far, this has been the most difficult part of the entire process.

Since I’m not a natural extemporaneous speaker, I had to write a script.  Once written, I had to practice reading it — since I wanted it to sound conversational.  During the rehearsals, I found the script wasn’t very free flowing, so I had to edit rehearse again.  Then it got even harder.  I found that I was unable to read it and move through the slides well, so I had to record the audio first and edit it to fit the slides.  All-in-all these to videos took weeks to put together.  I’m sure as I do more, it will get quicker.  Or at least I sure hope so!

To this point, I’ve completed two videos, a four minute intro video and an 18 minute content video.  Yesterday, I finished up the bonus slides and today I will write the script and then record it as a video.  I hope to be done with the videos by tomorrow.  Then I’ll work on creating Ads.  I’ll go over the Amy Porterfield (Marketing Made Easy) online marketing Profit Lab course again and then pull it all together.  If all goes well, I hope to be running ads in about a week.

Talley Ho!


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