Project 2: Flat-Fee Multiple Listing Service

Why Did I Chose Flat-Fee Multiple Listing Service As My Second Start-Up Project?

In a nutshell, Idaho (where Free-Market Startup is located) requires all Multiple Listing Services (MLS) services to be delivered by licensed real estate brokers, even sale-by-owners listings. Upon review of the MLS services, one will find unattractive web sites, broken links, and difficult to read services. The major players essentially offer the same two “packages” for about the same price – as of my survey (Jan 2015).FlatFeeMLS-A

The web pages look cluttered, ugly, “sales-ee,” and amateurish. There are a couple of local players that search well on Google, but upon clicking through to their sites, one can easily become discouraged by the site’s disorganization. It’s not uncommon to have to search for a “buy” button. Most do not present well on mobile devises.

National players cannot compete very well because of the license requirement. However, they do show up well on web searches.

Because of these criticisms, a new player may be able take a decent market share from the current Idaho flat-fee MLS service players. However, like any business idea, this remains to be seen until tested and actual services are provided to the market place.

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