Start-Up Projects – Preview

What Are the Start-Up Projects?

The projects are businesses that I’m starting. At the start of 2015, I set out to evaluate and start at least three businesses. By the mid 2016, I succeeded in evaluating four businesses. Of these businesses, I had one business success, started and abandoned two businesses, and evaluated and postponed one businesses.

2017 Projects

Project 5:  Bitcoin Investing and More

Bitcoin is an amazing invention for many reasons.  For freedom loving people, it unshackles one’s wealth from government meddling. It’s designed to prevent “money printing” and thus prevent monetary inflation and the dilution of wealth by those who earn and save. For the “unbanked” throughout the the developing world, it allows credit-card-like transactions and with very low fees.

Many say Bitcoin (or something like it) will be the future of money.  Why? Because it’s nearly inflation proof and its built-in scarcity make it a store of appreciating value.  It’s “governed” by consensus of its miners and users; and it’s less susceptible to manipulation than than any other store of value, other than gold. In fact, it has the capacity to to return money to the “gold standard.”  

Though some may call it money or currency, it’s classified by the IRS and other countries as an asset – and its traded like stocks or other equities.  However, there are more and more retailers adapting it as a payment system. Want a Tesla automobile? You can buy one with Bitcoin.

Finally, I’m just starting to chronicle my bitcoin journey, so don’t be disappointed in the initial lack of content. If you want to be notified of new posts and content, you can sign up here (don’t worry, I don’t sell things so you’ll only get notifications).  Of course, you can bookmark this page and come back later.

The Meaning of “Progressive”

When politicians say “progressive” what do you think? 

We all want progress right? But, to quote The Prince Bride movie, “I do not think it means what you think it means.” 

Next time  you hear the word “progressive” or the phrase “progressive politics” from politicians, ask yourself,…”Does it mean more liberty or more government?”

The Princess Price (YouTube).

Why Am I Publishing All This?

My goal is to encourage and help 1,000 people start successful and profitable small businesses.  Working as an employee is fine and noble, but those that own the businesses the employees work for have the lifestyle, liberty, and control over their lives and earnings that employees can only dream of.

Owning a business removes the constraints of employment and unleashes almost unlimited opportunity and sometimes more personal happiness and satisfaction.  This has always been true in America; and it was even more obvious when I was deployed to Afghanistan – where I got the idea for Free-Market Startup (read the article that explains this).

For centuries the free markets have provided for the world.  In America, we combined free markets with limited government to become the example to the world in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

It wasn’t until late in the 20th Century that we began to lose our way; and as we allow “progressive” regulations and the mindset of an “employee” to permeate our country, we began to settle for less. It’s time to settle for more!  

I hope you’ll bookmark this web site and come back again and again.  I especially hope to hear your comments and see more of you on Facebook, as well.

You are invited to click on any of the business projects to read their business plans and more.

Nick McDonald

2015-16 Projects

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