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  • Business Start-Up: What Went Wrong? (1)
    • User AvatarRubinson { I'm glad I found this post. Emailed it to myself to learn afterwards from my desktop. Will attempt to connect with you on Facebook then too. } – Jul 17, 7:09 AM
  • Emergency Landing, Fuel Leak, and Fire Trucks at SLC (and a Business Lesson, Too) (1)
    • User AvatarRubinson { Many thanks for sharing this information so freely. You should think about writing a book. } – Jul 17, 7:01 AM
  • Start-Up Business Planning Guide (1)
    • User AvatarRubinson { High quality of information. RubinsonIn the beginning, I thought your post was too long, but it really needed the length. } – Jul 17, 6:52 AM
  • Already Launched A Business? (1)
    • User AvatarNick { I've started three businesses to date: house flipping, FSBO Flat-Fee MLS, and Online Products. The last one is still being built and the middle one didn't get much traction. I think the most difficult part of starting a businesses is getting buyers - which involves advertising and "conversions" of interest into sales. I'm trying figure this out. You can see how I'm doing in my Start-Up Projects and Journal entries. - Nick } – May 12, 9:33 AM
  • Deployed to Afghanistan: An Epiphany About What America Used to Be and Needs to Be (1)
    • User AvatarAdmin { Who would think that America can learn a lesson about free markets from Afghanistan. Russia (prior Soviet Union), China, and so many other despot countries discovered that socialism doesn't work... so why do Americans think it will somehow work "this time." Given that the natural state of an economy is the free markets, perhaps America can learn a lesson or two from Afghanistan. Another parallel with Afghanistan is corruption and cronyism, which corrupt people and and lesson the economic freedom and success of the country's citizens. Government is useful, but at a certain point it causes more harm than good. More free markets is the solution to better wages, improved quality of life, and happier citizens. } – Jan 14, 11:51 PM
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