Phase II: Pre-Start Up

Business Planning Start-Up Guide

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Phase II Steps

In Phase I, you evaluated your potential business(es) and made a “go/no-go” decision. In this phase, you’ll determine your business type or model. You’ll then identify your store, distribution system, work on your brand, and select your advertising channel. Finally, you’ll look at risk, business entities, and plan a potential strategic exit.

Setting Your Business’s Corner Stone

There is no decision point in this phase. Instead you’re laying your business’s corner stone upon which you will build your empire. In the next phase, you’ll develop a minimum viable product(s), outline your launch strategy, and work on the nuts-n-bolts of operations.

Don’t skip any steps in this phase, If you do, you’ll increase your risk of business failure. In Step 6, Strategic Exit, you’ll bring together what you developed in all the prior steps and either plan your exit with a fat paycheck in mind or an unwinding at retirement.

This step is wide-reaching and will affect your company and your family’s future. As Yoda surely said, “Plan well, you will.”

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