Step 6 – Go or No-Go

Business Planning Start-Up Guide

In the Exploration Phase you evaluated a business idea. In order to get a “go” decision, you should see opportunity in each of these five earlier steps.

The Moon Shot

If you watched the movie “Apollo 13” you may remember the Houston Flight Control “Go/No-Go” scene. In one scene the flight director asked each flight controler for a “Go” or “No-Go” decision. That’s what you’re going to do here.

If you get a “No-Go” in any of the below steps, you may want to reconsider your plans.  In some instances, you may find an innovative or creative (legal) way to mitigate and overcome a negative finding, but if the assessment really is a “No-Go,” it may be time to re-assess another idea. 

If you receive a “go” decision (below), congratulations. Continue on to the next phase. Remember, as the old saying goes, “Garbage in equals garbage out.” So, ensure your assessment is true and accurate.


Check (✓) if you’re “Go.”

☐  Finding Your “Why”

☐  Exploring Your Business Ideas

☐  Assess the Competition (SWOT)

☐  Develop A Theory: Your Customer

☐  Test the Viability of Your Product or Service

apollo_640Go/No-Go Decision

For a “Go” Decision, you need all previous steps to be “yes” (✓).  What will it be?

☐  Go
☐  No-Go?

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