Start-Up Business Planning Guide

Start-Up Business Planning Guide

This web “book” is your step-by-step guide to writing an effective business plan.  One that guides the reader from idea to actualization to expansion.  The text is designed to be sufficient to start a successful business but not so detailed as to overwhelm or discourage the reader.

Unlike other books on this subject, this guide provides only what you need to get going.  Action-oriented start-up personality types don’t like to read the “typical” start up guides.  However, these same personalities are prone to “leaping before they look.”  Knowing this, the author attempts to strike the right balance of assessment, planning, and action.

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The guide is divided into three start-up phases and a bonus sustainment and growth phase. The first phase is open to the public and the other ones require a membership – which is currently FREE (for a limited time).

Here’s what you’ll find:

Phase-I:  Exploration

We begin by finding your true motivation or your personal “why.” Without it, any success may be hollow or unfulfilling.  We then narrow your possible business ideas to one and then examine your proposed business in context to its competition and industry. There’s even an activity designed to quickly assess whether there is sufficient demand to move forward.  The section ends with a “go” or “no-go” decision.

Phase-II:  Pre-Start Up

With a “go” decision, we begin to build the foundation for your start up.  We’ll identify your business model, your “store” or distribution system, your brand, how you’ll get customers, and we examine the various business entities available and risk reduction strategies. We end the phase by identifying your exit strategy.

Phase-III:  Start Up

This phase builds on all the previous steps; and we briefly touch on a few effective management principles.  We then begin to creating your minimum viable product or service.  After which, we work on the “nuts and bolts” of business operations, to include accounting and taxes.  It ends by finalizing your launch, with marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Phase-IV:  Life Style and Your Company’s Future

This section brings us full circle.  We’ll begin by reassess your “why” and then we’ll turn our sights to sustainment and growth. If you’re like me, you started a business to sculpt a more fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle, so we’ll start there.

The guide is periodically revised to reflect new observations and lessons learned from the author’s current start up projects, which you can follow at Nick’s Business Start Up Projects.

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