We’re developing a bitcoin trading bot and we need your help…


Are you tired of watching the market 24/7?

Have you bought bitcoin and later got BURNT because you weren’t watching it closely? 

Are the bitcoin exchanges LIMITING how you trade?

  Cannot buy and immediately set a stop loss
Cannot “straddle” a potential long or shot position?
Cannot OCO (one cancels the other) position?
Cannot “what if, then” your trade?

What if… you could set up an application to trade BITCOINS for PROFIT
and then GET OUT when the market moves against you? 

What if it…

 Had built in Safeties?

Lets you to profit like hedge funds?

Used customizable triggers to trade?

Had excellent training?


Nick McDonald Developer


“I’m designing a NEW automatic trading bot with your input!”

“Our bot will automatically trade Bitcoin and other alt-coins like Ethereum for you.”

What if…

 It was easy to set up?  

 You could trade on multiple exchanges.

 You could manage your trades from one place?

 It was cloud based – so it’s easy access, use, and trade from?

Better than anything available?



What if… you could help design the software?

Four Ways You Can Help…

1. Volunteer (pay nothing) but give design input for the trading system and bots.

2. PLATINUM: $200 now and get 80% off the regular price for life, provide input.*

3. SILVER: $150 now and get 50% off the regular price for life, provide input.*

4. BRONZE: $100 now and get 25% off the regular price for life, provide input.*

License are expected to sell from $50 to $99 per month.

* The Beta (version 0.1 or later) is expected to launch by July 1, 2017.  If we don’t launch version 1.0 by January 31, 2017, we’ll refund 100 percent of your membership.  You also get a no-hassle 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like version 1.0. You get free access to the beta version and contribute to the design and function. Platinum, Silver, and Bronze members get the first month (Version 1.x) for fee, as well. 


What will the application offer?
Can I back test my trade setups?
Will the application access my exchange account (wallets)?
What exchanges will you support?
Will you offer training?
How will the software work?
Why am I developing automatic trading (bots)?
Why am I offer such large discounts?
How can I ask more questions?

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