What Can Free-Market Startup Do For you? 

My goal is to help you:

  • Build a successful company from the ground floor.
  • Provide information designed to help your company expand and grow.
  • Let you learn from my successes and failures.
  • Build sufficient sales to hire employees and contractors to support your company’s expansion and growth.
  • Balance your business and personal life so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
  • Establish you as one of the top earners in your community.
  • Contribute to your community and the nation overall.

Free Market-Startup Exists…to mentor and cultivate thriving startups and local businesses.

Topics I Plan to Tackle

  • The nuts and bolts of starting a company.
  • Methods and techniques needed to grow and prosper.
  • Inspiring success stories from those who have and are actually doing it.
  • Business and economic trends so you can make smart decisions.
  • Start-up business ideas, both innovative and time-tested.
  • Tools to assess your skills, abilities, and traits—to help you find your business fit or calling.
  • Cost effective marketing and advertising ideas to acquire new customers.
  • Advice to keep and sustain your customer base.
  • Smart methods to develop passive income streams.
  • Tips and techniques to leverage online marketing.
  • Service and product reviews, so you can make good buying decisions.
  • And much more actionable tips, tools, and ideas.

Free-Market Startup Believes

  • In dreams.
  • That local businesses are essential to America’s resurgence.
  • That entrepreneurship is the cure to stagnate wages, lay-offs, and uncertainty.
  • That liberty and free markets are the same.
  • In small businesses, contractors, sub-contractors, and freelancers are the pathway to individual/family prosperity.
  • That local businesses make stronger families.
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses will invent the next big thing.
  • Small businesses hire Americans.
  • Local businesses are good because Americans are good.
  • In God’s grace.
  • In The People.

My Story

I was raised by parents that worked hard and provided for their family.  Though there were periods we probably qualified for welfare, my principled parents would not see it.  I was raised in a mobile home and various rentals.  We weren’t rich but our homes were always neat and maintained.  My family expected my brother and I to grow up and find a job because that’s all they knew.  But, for some reason, my brother and I went to college and earned our university degrees.  We aspired to be successful and followed societies expected pathway to success:  Go to college, get a job, and then retire.

However, my brother an I wanted more.  Since my family’s experience was more of an employee, building a company came with a lot of hard knocks and disappointments.  As someone once said, “We are the product of the five people we spend most of our time with.”  I didn’t have access to role models or mentors to help out guide me, so I muddled through my entrepreneurial adventures.  Today, I continue to muddle, but have a lot of experience and hundreds of books to guide me.

It’s A Living

Some say, I’ve lived a life many would love to have had.  I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences and seen many parts of America and the world, but I have to admit somethings:  I’ve looked back some and have a few regrets.  I’ve not married nor had any children.  Something that can bring value and worth to one’s life.  But, I’ve also learned to look forward and build.

Since my brother and I were the first in or family to graduate from college, we didn’t have much guidance to what to major in.  I eventually settled for psychology and business operations/administration.  Eventually, I attended graduate school and received a masters in health care administration.  From there I entered the military and was pulled toward the operational forces.  Though I supported the health services in the military, my missions were plans, operations, and intelligence.  Though I am a Navy officer, I am a ground component soldier.  I’ve spend the better part of my career supporting the U.S. Marines, Army, and our NATO allies.  As I stated above, I had a love hate relationship with the military.  I eventually left active duty and joined the reserves.  My career from them on alternated between active duty and reserve duty until completing 23 years of service with duty on the East and West Coasts and two tours of duty in Afghanistan (a war zone).

My periods in the reserve of course meant I was a part-time Navy Officer and a full-time civilian.  During these periods I owned my own insurance brokerage, partnered in a farm and gold and silver mine, and bought and sold investment real estate.  I earned my real estate agent and then brokerage license and operated a sole-member real estate brokerage.  I also had various jobs in between the periods of military duty, mostly in business and health care.  However, I have not found my “calling” and the success I hoped for… until now.

I don’t plan to depend on my military retirement to support me, though it will serve as a “safety blanket” if all else fails.  That retirement, however, doesn’t begin for five years (earlier than “normal” because of my support of the “War on [Islamist] Terrorism”).

Free People and Free Markets

I enjoy the “start-up business,” so to speak; and I hope it will begin to pay off in the near term.  That’s where Free-Market Startup comes to play.  I hope my successes, failures, and lessons learned will help others reach their entrepreneurial dreams and goals quicker than me.  In fact, I’d love to play a part in at least 1,000 new entrepreneurial start ups.  That’s why I started this web site:  To chronicle my journey to not only help others but make me more accountable.  If you’re watching, I’ll likely do what I’m suppose to do.  If your watching, I may have another motivation to succeed.  

My tours in Afghanistan gave me the idea for this web site.  In Afghanistan I saw the free markets in its most primitive state:  No matter where I went, it was there, providing for the poor and rich alike.  Free people naturally gravitate to free markets.  Except, the academics and idealist think its somehow bad or wrong when in fact, its what free people do.  You can read more about this in my first article which discusses this in detail.  It’s a little long, but I think the read will be worth it.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out Free-Market Startup!  I hope you’ll check in over the weeks and months ahead because I have a lot planned.  Free-Market Startup believes small and local businesses are the heart of America and they are the keys to financial freedom and individual liberty.  The future is in free people and free markets!

God Bless and Cheers!

I will sell no wine before it's time.

Nick McDonald

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