Pre-Flight Briefing 3: Sick of working on the same thing. Waiting for new microphone.


I’ve been working on my information product and waiting on a few items from Amazon. The information product production is becoming a chore. Have  you ever worked on something so long that you’re sick of looking at it? That’s how I’d describe the course I’m working on, now. But, like what Dennis Waitley taught me three decades ago, those that can do what needs to be done instead of what want they want to do (poor paraphrase) are successful. At any rate, once I get started it gets a lot eaier. I’m waiting on my new hands-free Audix HT2P wired headset vocal…continue

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Journal 19 – I’ll Only Kiss My Sweetheart!

Listen to Audio – After a year of “playing the field,” I’ve decided to break up with all but one of my “girlfriends” and fix my eyes on that special one. She’s really amazing, but I’m a little scared. You see, a year ago, I set out to start three businesses. It was like dating three great women. It sounded good at first, but eventually I realized it couldn’t last. Sharing my time wasn’t fair to them or me, for that matter. They were all jealous of each other and I found it impossible to make them feel special. It’s now time to…continue

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Pre-Flight Briefing 2: Where I’ve Been to Where I’m Going: A New Year’s Perspective

Since my pivot to “Small Business Test Pilot” on or about 24 November 2014, Free-Market Startup has been around for more than a year – and likely more like one and a half years.  I’m not exactly sure when I started Free-Market Startup, but it was probably mid to late 2014. Check out the photo to the left. It’s the Wayback Machine’s ( snapshot of FMSU. Click on it to see a larger picture. I’ve been slow and meticulous in the businesses which I’ve started. In fact too slow. The online businesses are some of the most demanding and unforgiving…continue

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