Journal 18 – Walking a Mile in the Snow: The Cold Hard Facts of Entrepreneuralism

Listen to Audio – My validation scheme was to offer three free videos to entice potential customers to leave their email address – if I got sufficient interest, I’d move forward. However, my efforts were in vain, because I didn’t get many interested clicks and even fewer people left their email address. This validation step was a great disappointment and it made me second guess my entrepreneurial expectations; and because of this, I’ve made a major decision. Disbelief I really don’t know how a real estate training program could not be successful. The potential market includes the 10 percent of Americans who…continue

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Pre-Flight Briefing 1: Feeling Down After My Disappointing Validation and FB Suspension.

The entrepreneurial life can be a little disheartening. I am a bit lost to what to do next. In fact, I’m feeling quite down. My hopes were so high and now I really don’t know what to do next. The aftermath has me sleeping in and eating icecream… as I try to decide what to do next. I haven’t felt this down in a long time. I’ll get out of my funk soon, but for now, blah! Get this, I was also suspended from advertising on Facebook (FB). They notified me a week or 10 days after my last ad…continue

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