Journal 16 – A Validation Nightmare

Listen to Audio –   I can’t believe it took so long!  Looking back at my Journal entries, I see that I committed to validating my next business idea in July (Journal 14).  It took about three times as long as I thought it would take and every conceivable nightmare jumped out like a bad Halloween movie.   Like most things, I opted for the most complicated way again! Is it Murphy’s Law kicking in or is it a new phenomenon, “Nick’s Law”? I’m starting to wonder! Here was my great idea. I would validate my training course with a fantastic…continue

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What’s the Secret to Startup Business Success?

Listen to Audio –   What’s the secret to start-up business success?  This question has been poised by many throughout the millenniums. It’s the manta, the food we’ve all so wanted but could not taste. Well, just like Ponce de León’s search for the Fountain of Youth, I’ve searched for the equation to start-up success. Like me, thousands have wondered if such an equation exist.  It’s like trying to find a Cookoo Bird in the Rocky Mountains, it’s possible – anything is possible – but unlikely.   Well, today I’m happy to disclose that I’ve found it.  It’s no longer hidden or…continue

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