Journal 15 – New Business Announced: Information Product

Information product graphic

In earlier journal entries, I mentioned the difficulty in finding a physical product (Project 3) with sufficient margin to have any chance of making a profit. The distributors for products that I wanted to sell wouldn’t give me decent wholesale prices sufficient to make a go at it. As one starts out with a US-based wholesaler, they essentially give you the retail price and as your volume increases, they lower the wholesale price – or at least that’s been my experience. The “system” seems to be designed to limit competition from new retailers. I’m sure that’s why has become…continue

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Journal 14 – Validation: We’re Climbing Above the Turbulence!

Airline Seat - Validate

I’m putting together an information product and according to the “experts” and my online book (guide), I need to validate. I’ve taken shortcuts in the past and thought I knew what I needed to know.  Experience has show me that my “validation” wasn’t sufficient or effective. I took the easy path and listened to knuckleheads (see Journal 12) and jumped into markets that had little demand.  Or to be fair, markets that didn’t need or want what I was providing.  I really hope the validation shows potential, but time will tell if it will or not. So, I’ve committed to validating my…continue

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