Journal 5 – Closer to Launch

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working on the The Start Up Business Guide, Flat-Fee MLS (Project 2), and Flipping (Project 1).  I even explored selling on Amazon as my third project.  I also spend countless hours trying to wade the Navy Reserve Order Writing System to support an exercise planning conference in Algeria next month. I am getting closer to starting up project 2, as well.  I’m currently working on the web site.  I hope to start up in two to three weeks.  Check out Project 2’s business plan in the membership area. Start Up Guide The guide…continue

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Journal 4 – The IRS Fines Me then Forgives Me

I spent Friday and Saturday (Jan 31 and 1 Feb 2015) working on my taxes.  After 20 hours, I’m done with them.  I need to wait until mid month to ensure I have all the 1099s.  Then I’ll mail them in, but this year I’m using registered or tractable mail. Last year I didn’t use tracking and the IRS said I did not submit my return for one of my LLCs.  I guess it was Murphy’s Law kicking in:  The only year I didn’t use tracking and the Internal Revenue Services looses my forms.  To be fair, it could have…continue

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