Trust and My Cash-Flow Epiphany


I had an epiphany this week, while listing to a podcast at Starbucks.  In between a pastry and a cup of Pike, I had a revelation.  It was what I was searching for.  It was that one “ingredient” which I could almost taste, but could not place! In fact, it was so “tasty” I that had to incorporate it into my Start-Up Business Guide – which I’m writing right now (you can watch it develop on the free subscription side). I’ll tell you about this epiphany it in a minute, but I want to tell you about this podcast guest first. Trust There are…continue

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Finding Your “Why”

the why?

For decades I’ve looked for a business that I could start that would give me meaning.  I can honestly say that I’ve not found it.  I’ve often wished I was more like my brother:  he’s found many things that he is passionate about.  I guess, I march to a different drum beat! The closest thing I can find is a business that gives me freedom from jerk bosses!  I like to be creative as well.  I like to tinker with mechanical things, electronics, and web sites. My need to do something bigger than myself and my need for liberty contributed…continue

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Journal No.3 – Start-Up Steps, Finding Your Why, and Web Issues

Wordpress W

For the Last Three Weeks, I’ve been developing a start-up guide and improving the Free-Market Startup web site. In the Membership Area, you’ll find the first edition of these steps.  As of this writing, there are 13 steps.  I’ll probably consolidate them into less steps in the future.  Consider this generation one.  Check them out, I’ll be using them to start three companies in 2015.  You may want to read the first step, “Finding Your Why.”  I’ve included it in the Membership Area (free subscription required) and as a blog article. I Had a Very Trying Three Weeks!  Developing the start-up steps was fun,…continue

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