Journal No.2 – First Startup Business Announced: Home Flipping

House to flip

I’ve always loved reading about real estate.  For ten years I’ve read every book and took every course on the subject.  I’ve consumed the Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series which focused on business and real estate.  In fact, I liked real estate so much that I got a Real Estate Broker’s License in Idaho and California.  However, this has caused a few problems. Have you ever heard this saying:  You are what you gaze at?  Well, for entertainment during my last Afghanistan deployment, I got into online business podcasts (see Journal No.1); and because of it, I now want…continue

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The Money Garden – Julie Austin (podcast)

Podcast Episode 14101 (14106 ATR) This podcast is hosted at Astounding Talk Radio – click now to listen.  Hint: skip the first few minutes of the podcast if you want to get to the “more business” discussion. Very interesting. An inspiring entrepreneur.  (Credit: Astouding Talk Radio – Hosted by Reggie Sternes) With $200 in her pocket and an airline ticket, Julie Austin arrived in New York City with dreams of become a model. She did some modeling, but her passion for creativity and innovation lead her to invent Swiggies, Speaker Sponsor, and several other businesses. Luckily for her, she had…continue

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