Journal No.1 – Rebranding as a Test Pilot

I’m re-branding Free-Market Startup and re-launching it with a new and improved purpose.  One of the most important changes is this:  I’ll be starting a couple of businesses and test fly them for you.  You’ll see them develop from the very start. I admit it.  I got distracted with “shiny objects.”  I lost focus on what a business is for and got hung up on the marketing channels and tools.  If you’ve read my first or second article, you know I got the idea for Free-Market Startup from deployments to Afghanistan. Briefly, this country was the cross-roads of commerce for centuries, as goods…continue

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We Busted 3 Common Myths About Starting Businesses!

College steps

Sometimes there isn’t anything common about common sense, especially when it comes to common advice about business startups.  Have you ever heard this one?   “Everybody knows that nine out of 10 business fail within their first two years.” It sounds true, but is it?  I mean it’s pretty shocking if it is.  In the newspaper business they go by an odd colloquialism, “if it bleeds it leads.” That’s what sells newspapers I guess. Gossip relies on this same principle to spread bad news. Common knowledge can be based on facts for sure.  But, common knowledge is often wrong because we…continue

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