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There’s a lot to see, but I suggest watching the introduction video and then look over these 3 “tools.”  It’s quick and it’s easy.

1st  Start by reviewing my start-up journal entries and articles (or see below). The journal chronicle my entrepreneurial ups and the downs. Think of them as my “flight log.” In the blog articles, I share business and free-market insights about a whole host of relevant start-up topics.

2nd  Review my actual start-up business plans (or see below). You can read the preview of each project.  If you want more, simply sign up for the FREE membership.

3rd  When you’re ready to start you own business (or see below), read through my FREE Business Startup Guide.  This “web book” is derived from the best real-world start-ups and the finest start-up authors. It’s the guide I use for my startups, too.

Nick McDonald

1st - Nick's Journal Entries and Pre-Flight Briefing
2nd - Business Start-Up Projects
3rd - The Business Start-Up Guide

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